How to become a Enterprise Plan ‘Members Choice’ Employer?

Enterprise Plan ‘Members Choice’ Enterprise Plan is a complying super fund regulated under the SIS Act.  Contact our Member Services Team on 1800 816 575  if you wants to become a Enterprise Plan ‘Members Choice’ Enterprise Plan participating employer.

How to pay SG contributions?

You can pay via direct deposit or use our clearing house.

You must pay SG contributions by the cutoff date of each quarter.

QuarterPeriodPayment cut-off date
11 July - 30 September28 October
21 October - 31 December28 January
31 January - 31 March28 April
41 April - 30 June28 July

How to use Enterprise Plan  Clearing House solution?

Enterprise Plan ‘Members Choice’ Enterprise Plan clearing house will make your payroll process up to 70% easier, and will give you back time and efficiencies in running the business. Phone us on 1300 654 720 to speak to our Member Services Team to find out how you can benefit from this gold certified clearing house solution!