Enterprise Plan enables you to tailor your superannuation including your investment solution and insurance protection to help you save and achieve your retirement goals.

Enterprise Plan is a unitised super fund that allows you to choose from 10 investment options. Each investment option involves a different level of investment risk, together with a different expected level of earnings (return) on your investment. This is because each investment option is made up of different proportions of growth assets and defensive assets.

Growth assets are types of investments that have the potential for capital growth over the long term but are also likely to experience greater volatility (ups and downs) in performance from year to year.

Defensive assets are types of investments that have the potential for generating income over the long term but are also less likely to experience volatility (ups and downs) in performance from year to year. Defensive assets tend to produce lower long-term returns but are more stable than growth assets.

There are five pre-mixed investment options and five sector investment options. The pre-mixed options include a Balanced option (the investment strategy for the Fund’s approved MySuper product called MySuper MyLife). This investment option invests in Australian shares, international shares, listed property, infrastructure, alternative assets, fixed interest and cash. A MySuper product is required by government legislation for all members who have not chosen an investment option within the Plan. Personal Product members who join the Plan, by completing an application on or after 1 July 2017, must make an investment choice.

In summary the Investment options are as follows:

Pre-mixed (diversified) investment options
  • Aggressive
  • Growth
  • Balanced / MySuper MyLife
  • Moderate
  • Conservative
Sector investment options
  • International Shares
  • Australian Shares
  • Listed Property
  • Diversified Fixed Interest option
  • Cash option.

The investment options are designed to suit different time horizons and levels of risk. Each option has its own investment objectives. These objectives are not a promise or guarantee of any particular benefit or return but are used to measure the performance of the investments. You need to choose the one that best suits your circumstances. In choosing an investment option you should consider your investment goals, your time frame (the amount of time you intend to invest), and your attitude to risk.

The Trustee is authorised by APRA to offer a MySuper product from the Fund, called MySuper MyLife, which is available to Plan members in the Employer Sponsored Product. Information on the product dashboard for the MySuper MyLife product and other choice products (where applicable), trustee and executive remuneration and other information or documents we are required to disclose on the website is available from the Trustee’s website.

Enterprise Plan’s Investment Guide provides general information around:

  • Why choosing an investment strategy is important;
  • Constructing your investment portfolio;
  • About Enterprise Plan’s investment options;
  • How are Enterprise Plan’s investment options managed;
  • Understanding investment risk;
  • Risk profile of investment options;
  • Selecting your investment strategies;
  • The investment option profiles
  • Investment management fees; and

Further information can be found on the Forms & Publications page click here


– Tax effective comprehensive insurance covers for death only or death and Total and Permanent Disablement and/or Income Protection, are available at group premium rates.

Eligibility rules apply. Further information can be found in the Product Disclosure Statement and Insurance Guide:

  • Automatic (default cover) for employer sponsored (choice and MySuper) members without medical checks;
  • Personal Choice members can apply and effectively package insurance cover subject to underwriting by the Insurer.

– Assistance to transfer in balances from other super funds as well as help to find and combine your super, including lost super.

– Convenience and control – Members have on-line access to assist to track and manage their super.

– Personalised call centre – The Member Services team are only a phone call or email away, and will assist with your questions or needs around your super.