Enterprise Plan USI 32894907884001 , a sub fund of The Executive Superannuation Fund ABN 60 998 717 367 USI 60998717367002, is a public offer superannuation fund, has a MySuper Investment option available, through both an employer sponsored and personal product.

Enterprise Plan helps you to accumulate and grow your super savings in a tax effective way as you progress through your working like and onwards to retirement.

As you approach retirement, Enterprise Plan also offers pension and transition to retirement pensions through The Executive Superannuation Fund ABN 60998717367 MySuper USI 60998717367002

As a member, Enterprise Plan assists you with:

  • Choice and flexibility with a range of accumulation and investment options;
  • Convenience and control. You have access on-line to be able to track and manage your member accounts;
  • Access to Insurance cover enabling you to effectively package protection to suit your family arrangements;
  • Finding and combining your super;
  • Transferring in monies from other super funds;
  • Assistance with general information on Enterprise Plan, it’s investment options and government rules around superannuation and taxation.