Enjoy the advantages of having only one Super account

If you have changed jobs in past years, the chances are you have multiple super accounts and are paying multiple sets of fees. Maybe you have lost track of where your super is, due to a change of name, address, jobs.

Top benefits of consolidating all your Super into Enterprise Plan’

Cost saving – save on fees and insurance premiums. Enterprise Plan does not charge establishment fee or contribution fees. Transferring your other super into Enterprise Plan can potentially save you thousands of dollars over time. Less paperwork – with one account and one statement to manage, you will spend less time and be on top of your finances, and avoid confusion with multiple accounts. The Fund has a well equipped member services center to answer all your questions. Easier to track – Consolidation offers a clearer picture of where your retirement is heading If you are an existing Enterprise Plan member, simply complete the Roll-in Form, it only takes 5- 10 minutes to complete. All you need is the name of your other super funds, then print and sign the populated form. Or we can help you find your super, and assist you to combine it into one account if that is what you want to do.

Find My Lost Super

If you are not sure where your other Super held, we can help you search. To use this service, please fill out your details below.

I give my permission to Enterprise Plan to use my TFN to search for any Superannuation money held by the ATO or other Super funds using the ATO facility, to the extent the law allows. We'll let you know if we find any monies or receive a transfer of monies.